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The most sustainable Nature's Notebook monitoring programs include staff buy-in, research or management questions, and engaged volunteers. Join our Local Phenology Leader Community of Practice to share ideas and resources with colleagues. 

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Local Phenology Leaders Community of Practice

Join a growing group of active leaders who are using Nature's Notebook as an education, science, or managment project for engaging volunteers in collecting phenology observations in their communities. The Local Phenology Leader Community of Practice is a place to connect and communicate with staff at the USA-NPN's National Coordinating Office and with other leaders who use Nature's Notebook as part of their organization's programming.

What is a Community of Practice?

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. (Wenger-Trayner, 2015).

The Local Phenology Leader Community of Practice

The USA-NPN's Education Coordinator leads our Community of Practice. Included are options to communicate with others who are operating multi-observer programs using Nature's Notebook for research, management, or education. We organize monthly Leader's calls and facilitate discussion in our online communication platforms, the LPL Listserv and a community space on Facebook. We discuss topics of relevance to groups getting started and those continuing with long-term monitoring projects. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Program planning and implementation
  • Volunteer engagement via Nature's Notebook
  • Ideas for advanced training topics
  • Review of the monitoring protocols 

To suggest a topic for a call complete this form.

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Local Phenology Leader Certification Course

A 10-week, 50 hour, interactive course designed to help you navigate our online materials and establish a long term phenology monitoring program using Nature's Notebook at your site. We offer two sessions a year - one in the Fall and one in the Spring. For more information visit the Local Phenology Leader Certification Course Landing Page and add your name to the list of Leaders interested in becoming Certified.  


See what others are doing

At the end of each year, the NCO sends and Active Group Survey to get feedback from how LPL are using Nature's Notebook with their groups. Below is an inforgraphic summarizing the results from the 2018 survey responses.

USA-NPN 2018 Active groups infographic


Share ideas with each other 

We have a Facebook page and a listserv for Leaders to share ideas with each other. Please feel free to post to either of those resources. The best ideas are even better if shared!

  Nature's Notebook Local Phenology Leaders Facebook Group

USA-NPN Phenophase Smug-mug Page

Join the Local Phenology Leaders Listserv

Archive of meeting minutes

An archive of meeting minutes from our monthly calls is located on the side bar of this page.