Local Phenology Programs

Local Phenology Programs (LPPs) are organizations or community groups that connect like-minded people in tracking phenology with Nature's Notebook. LPPs have their own goals for phenology including answering science questions, informing management decisions, and engaging others in learning about phenology.

Local Phenology Programs in Action

Why start a Local Phenology Program?

Make scientific discoveries about local changes in phenology
Collect data to inform management decisions
Engage volunteers and visitors in community science
Engage students in scientific discovery

What resources are available to you?

Help with planning your long-term Program
Local Phenology Leader Certification Course
Visualization Tools to explore and summarize your data
Community of Practice to share resources with other Programs

Ready to start a Local Phenology Program?

To request an LPP you will need to have a Nature's Notebook account.

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Read our Local Phenology Program Guide.