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Workshops held by the USA-NPN and our collaborators are listed below. Click on the workshop title for more information, including agendas and slides.

Workshop Title Date Description
Arizona Senior Academy Nature's Notebook Presentation 12/14/2016

This introduction to Nature's Notebook was given by USA-NPN Outreach Coordinator Erin Posthumus at the Arizona Senior Academy's monthly lecture series.

The presentation involved 30 minutes of indoor presentation on early phenologists and record keeping, phenological changes in the Read More »

Schoolyard Science @ Tucson Village Farm 12/02/2016

Hands-on activities designed to help educators with ideas for doing science! This activity demonstrated how to contribute to a long-term phenology research project in your classroom. Resources shared include a Jr. Phenologist Certification Program, a species research worksheet and an example of Read More »

Citizen Science, the best research money can't buy - NAI National Conference 11/09/2016

Presented at the National Association for Interpretation 2016 Conference in Corpus Christi, Texas

Want to integrate outdoor education and technology, where visitors are a part of a useful and meaningful data project? Learn how we promote citizen science projects in the field through short Read More »

McDowell-Sonoran Conservancy Volunteer Training 10/29/2016

The Phenology Training on Saturday October 29th at 1:00PM at Scottsdale Community College, presented by LoriAnne Barnett, the Education Coordinator from USA National Phenology Network.  Students from Scottsdale Community College and folks from Desert Read More »

The Wildlife Society 2016 Annual Conference 10/19/2016

This presentation focused on the natural resource management applications of the data in the National Phenology Database. The presentation was given by Erin Posthumus at the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting in October 2016 in Raleigh, NC. 

Phoenix Phenology Trail Advanced Training 10/07/2016

Phenology refers to key seasonal changes in plants and animals from year to year—such as flowering, emergence of insects and migration of birds—especially their timing and relationship with weather and climate. 

Phenology - 2 Day Read More »

Central Arizona Phenology Trail Advanced Training 09/23/2016

This Advanced Training was an introduction to the plants and animals that appear each season here in Prescott. Learn how to document what you see and contribute it to the Nature's Notebook Citizen Science Program, where your contributed information will be used to help answer local Read More »

Working with Nature's Notebook Data 07/15/2016

This presentation was delivered as a final project by our NASA Space Grant Intern, Julianna Renzi. Julianna explored the data available in Nature's Notebook, looking for patterns and interesting science questions. Here she describes her methodology for college-level students, her peers.  Read More »

Citizen Science and Engagement: Using Nature's Notebook as an Engagement Strategy 06/18/2016

This talk was delivered to a group of educators in the Miami U Master's Program at the Phoenix Zoo.

2016 Maricopa Master Gardener Presentation 05/11/2016

This 3 hour presentation covered phenology as it relates to climate change, and how to be involved in research, via Nature’s Notebook, to help ecologists and land managers better understand how species are responding to climate change. This is an introductory presenation to acclimate Read More »


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