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The USA National Phenology Network assists natural resource, land, and city managers to collect the data they need to make management decisions. 

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Erin E Posthumus

Natural Resource Managers

Phenology can be used to support habitat conservation, climate-informed monitoring, adaptive management of ecosystems and ecosystem services, and vulnerability assessments.

Resources available to natural resource managers

The USA-NPN offers tools that natural resource managers can use to ask and answer questions, including:

Examples of our Natural Resource Manager partners:

We work with a variety of partners in the natural resources field to help them meet their science and management objectives:

US Fish & Wildlife Service - Our partners at National Wildlife Refuges across the country are using phenology monitoring to meet management and outreach objectives

National Park Service - We partner with the NPS to answer stakeholder-driven questions, and to engage the next generation of park stewards. 

California Phenology Project - This project was created in partnership with the University of California, Santa Barbara and the National Park Service's Climate Change Response Program to document changes in phenology of native plant species in California. 

A.T. Seasons - We partner with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Appalachian Mountain Club, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park to better understand how phenology of plants and animals along the trail is related to climate.