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Peer-reviewed Results

The USA-NPN has contributed to the development of many peer-reviewed publications. See them by their USA-NPN Category; Uses the USA-NPN Protocols, Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data, or Describes the USA-NPN Program and Collaborations.

Title Authors Category Source Year
The primacy of bears as seed dispersers in salmon-bearing ecosystems L.E.F. Harrer; T. Levi Uses the USA-NPN Protocols Ecosphere 2018
Species-specific spring and autumn leaf phenology captured by time-lapse digital cameras Y. Xie; D.L. Civco; J.A. Silander Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data Ecosphere 2018
Drought timing and local climate determine the sensitivity of eastern temperate forests to drought L. D'Orangeville; J. Maxwell; D. Kneeshaw; N. Pederson; L. Duchesne; T. Logan; D. Houle; D. Arseneault; C.M. Beier; D.A. Bishop; D. Druckenbrod; S. Fraver; F. Girard; J. Halman; C. Hansen; J.L. Hart; H. Hartmann; M. Kaye; D. Leblanc; S. Manzoni; R. Ouimet; S. Rayback; C.R. Rollinson; R.P. Phillips Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data Global Change Biology 2018
Digitization protocol for scoring reproductive phenology from herbarium specimens of seed plants J.M. Yost; P.W. Sweeney; E. Gilbert; G. Nelson; R. Guralnick; A.S. Gallinat; E.R. Ellwood; N. Rossington; C.G. Willis; S.D. Blum; R.L. Walls; E.M. Haston; M.W. Denslow; C.M. Zohner; A.B. Morris; B.J. Stucky; J.R. Carter; D.G. Baxter; K. Bolmgren; E.G. Denny; E. Dean; K.D. Pearson; C.C. Davis; B.D. Mischler; P.S. Soltis; S.J. Mazer Describes the USA-NPN Program and Collaborations Applications in Plant Science 2018
Scaling up spring phenology derived from remote sensing images D. Peng; C. Wu; X. Zhang; L. Yu; A.R. Huete; F. Wang; S. Luo; X. Liu; H. Zhang Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2018
How training citizen scientists affects the accuracy and precision of phenological data R.E. Feldman; I. Žemaitė; A.J. Miller-Rushing Uses the USA-NPN Protocols International Journal of Biometeorology 2018
An integrated phenology modelling framework in R K. Hufkens; D. Basler; T. Milliman; E.K. Melaas; A.D. Richardson Describes the USA-NPN Program and Collaborations Methods in Ecology & Evolution 2018
Citizen science can improve conservation science, natural resource management, and environmental protection D.C. McKinley; A.J. Miller-Rushing; H.L. Ballard; R. Bonney; H. Brown; D.M. Evans; R.A. French; T.B. Phillips; S.F. Ryan; L.A. Shanley; J.L. Shirk; K.F. Stepenuck; J.F. Weltzin; A. Wiggins; O.D. Boyle; R.D. Briggs; S.F. Chapin; D.A. Hewitt; P.W. Preuss; M.A. Soukup Describes the USA-NPN Program and Collaborations Biological Conservation 2017
Connecting the dots: Stopover strategies of an intercontinental migratory songbird in the context of the annual cycle K.L. Paxton; F.R. Moore Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data Ecology and Evolution 2017
Intercomparison and evaluation of spring phenology products using National Phenology Network and AmeriFlux observations in the contiguous United States D. Peng; X. Zhang; C. Wu; W. Huang; A. Gonsamo; A.R. Huete; K. Didan; B. Tan; X. Liu; B. Zhang Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2017
USA National Phenology Network’s volunteer-contributed observations yield predictive models of phenological transitions T.M. Crimmins; M.A. Crimmins; K.L. Gerst; A.H. Rosemartin; J.F. Weltzin Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data PLOS One 2017
Small-scale variability in a mosaic tropical rainforest influences habitat use of long-tailed macaques J.Chih Mun Sha; S.Chin Chua; P.Ting Chew; H. Ibrahim; H.Keong Lua; T.Kwan Fung; P. Zhang Uses the USA-NPN Protocols Springer Japan - Primates 2017
Phenocams Bridge the Gap between Field and Satellite Observations in an Arid Grassland Ecosystem D.M. Browning; J.W. Karl; D. Morin; A.D. Richardson; C.E. Tweedie Uses the USA-NPN Protocols Remote Sensing 2017
Predicting the patterns of change in spring onset and false springs in China during the twenty-first century L. Zhu; J. Meng; F. Li; N. You Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data International Journal of Biometeorology 2017
Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream Position Indices as Diagnostic Tools for Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics S. Belmecheri; F. Babst; A.R. Hudson; J. Betancourt; V. Trouet Uses the USA-NPN Contemporary or Legacy Data Earth Interactions 2017