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Nature's Notebook How To Course

Take this online course to help you get started with observing in Nature's Notebook.

The course is available through the Department of the Interior's FedTalent website, which requires creating an account and then searching the courses for Nature's Notebook How-to.

This can be an excellent addition to getting your classroom started with monitoring. After navigating through the course you can review your work via the outline tab on the right. However, your answers are not saved in the system.  If you'd like to take the quiz multiple times, simply refresh your browser link at the end of your session.

Sponsored by the US Geological Survey, this course is hosted on an external link. 

Deparment of the Interior Employees may find the course in DOI Learn, course number USGS-USANPN-001-OLT.

USA-NPN Education Publication Number: 2015-001-OC

Type of Resource: 
Program Planning Materials
Audience Type: 
Middle School (5-8)
High School (9-12)
Post Secondary (Higher Ed)
Adult Audience
Length of Time: 
60 minutes

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